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Naperville School District 203

Latest Reports and Calls of Action

These are the most current reports since the portal launched in June 2024. Click images to learn more. We encourage residents of this district to share these reports and engage in any affiliated calls of action.

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Support Aaron 

Submit support for Aaron to ensure he gets to stay at his homeschool for 5th grade. Aaron's parents believe this is in his best interest socially, emotionally, and academically.

Aaron is a student in 4th grade at Maplebrook elementary. He has been a student at Maplebrook for almost 5 years and is the only student at Maplebrook with the special diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Aaron has made many friends at Maplebrook and has given students and teachers the unique opportunity to learn about Down Syndrome and caring for someone with the special diagnosis. The school team, as part of an IEP meeting on April 29th, decided on placement for his 5th grade year be at his non home school location of Kingsley Elementary in a self-contained classroom. This would move Aaron for one year, away from his friends and teachers he had for 5 years, to Kingsley for one year, only to be moved again next year for middle school. Please submit your support for Aaron via the form below. Submissions will go to district decision-makers and Aaron's parents. Follow the "Inclusion for Aaron" Facebook page for updates.

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