Policy on Equality and Civil Rights in Education

This policy is adapted from the Citizens for Renewing America template and is provided to you by Awake IL for consideration as an established policy/resolution.

It is comprehensive in its definitions of “critical theory” and divisive curricula.

It protects students and staff from participation in the defined divisive concepts.

It stipulates the liabilities of policy violations.

It incorporates a clause that will protect taxpayer funds from going towards defined divisive concepts.

Awake IL looks forward to seeing school districts/affiliated agencies establish either this statement or a similar policy to ensure all students and staff are treated fairly under the Constitution of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Anyone advocating for equality in education is welcome to download, print, and propose this policy to your own school district/agency. 

UPDATE Nov. 2021: New Petition Sheet to gather community signatures prior to requesting the school district adopt the policy. 

Policy first introduced
by Awake IL President
June 21, 2021: