We are Awake Illinois

This grassroots organization was launched by everyday parents and citizens in May 2021. During the pandemic year, many of us "awakened" to the issues affecting our communities, our children, and our liberties.  Awake Illinois chartered the first chapter in Naperville, Illinois, and is now expanding throughout all 4 corners of the state. 

Thanks to the volunteerism of our chapter chairs and members, our advocacy is waking up Illinoisans each day while empowering citizens to elevate their voices on topics of education, equality, legislationcivic involvement, and social welfare causes. 

Join the movement here. Please consider a non-tax-deductible donation to support our statewide efforts. Grab an Awake IL t-shirt/hoodie at https://www.bonfire.com/store/awake-il/


Learn more about our Leadership and Liaisons here. 


Advocate • Awaken • Advance

Click the red icons and photos to review the Awake Illinois advocacy that launched in May 2021.

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Messages of Gratitude

Hi! Thank you for being advocates for our children and for providing parents with information to be free from unlawful government rule. Thank you again. I have learned so much from this [Facebook] page over the past few months!

-Melissa, IL Parent and Teacher

Thank you for all that you do! You have inspired so many of parents to stand up for our kids!

-R.H. CCSD21 Parent

Thank you for sharing resources to advocate in our community. It is making a difference for good!

-L.A. IL Resident

Thank you for all the education, awareness and spreading the message for the health and safety of our kiddos. Glad for so many free little faces.

-A.L., IL Teacher


Awake IL Leadership and Liaisons

The Executive Board consists of President, Vice President, and Director. Each volunteer operates as an unpaid advocate to advance a variety of social welfare issues. The views expressed by the organization are independent of board/liaison employers, companies, or affiliates. Any person who commits doxxing or harassment against the leadership team and/or members will be subject to investigation. We're talking to you especially, "Frank Rizzo". Can't cancel us!

Your support of our advocacy with a non-tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated. Awake IL donor lists are private and not disclosed publicly per 501c4 designation.